The Law Firm Network

Is an association of independent law firms from around the world whose principal lawyers have close personal and professional relationships. The Network has members in approximately 50 countries.


ECORED is an alliance of private companies that promote Sustainability and Social Responsibility. It is the only business platform in the Dominican Republic that seeks to raise the consciousness of the Business Sector, the State, Academic Institutions and Civil Society, in the incorporation of a culture of sustainability and Social Responsibility.

Red Interamericana de Especialistas en Legislación Ambiental

RIELA: International Network of Environmental Law Specialists (RIELA) – RIELA TM is a network of offices of independent lawyers who provide an exchange of professional information about the local and regional practice and development of environmental law in the Americas, facilitating and broadcasting communications among its members and improving their skills.

Red Legal Iberomericana

La Red Legal Iberomericana cuenta con mas de 400 abogados que forman el equipo de firmas de abogados en America Latina y España que están comprometidos en el establecimiento de nuevas vías de colaboración entre Europa e Iberoamérica, facilitando la identificación y generación de oportunidades de negocio para sus clientes.

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