Environmental law
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Invest in the Dominican Republic

While addressing complex regulations applicable to different economic sectors, businesses require a pragmatic view that helps them eradicate obstacles in the shortest time and in the best possible form. All of this in order to make the operations and projects they want to perform viable.  Quiroz Santroni has the experience to successfully lead complex investment processes and will provide the best advice through the aforementioned experience and a comprehensive understanding of the client’s activity.

Film Industry

We assist clients with the creation of the adequate legal framework for their investments, tax breaks, contracts, as well as special permits required for the development of the film.


We offer assistance to obtain and renew electric concessions, permits to import or sell hydrocarbon, obtain certifications and environmental permits.


We offer legal counsel for the exploration and exploitation of mineral deposits in the Dominican Republic.

Free trade zone

We offer services that include all phases of a company under the free trade zone regime: from set up to day-to-day operations, as well as services on tax advice and required permits.

Food and Beverage

We offer legal counsel for the food and beverage industry, in both the business and regulatory aspects.


Quiroz Santroni offers legal counsel in all related to health in the Dominican Republic. We help our clients in contracts, franchises, import and export, permits and intellectual property.

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