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Tourism in the Dominican Republic

The most important tourism and real estate projects in the country have appreciated the effort and extensive experience of Quiroz Santroni’s team when promoting the legal, economic, and environmental viability of their investments.

We provide services ranging from the acquisition of land for tourism or real estate development, tax exemptions, due diligence processes, environmental authorizations, operating licenses, building permits, no objection to land use, as well as establishing complex financial structures; all of which have contributed to the development of tourism and real estate nationally, which has in turn aided the Dominican Republic’s global visibility in both areas.

Legal compliance

  • Strategies to enjoy the benefits of the legal framework for tourism in the Dominican Republic
  • Legal compliance audit
  • Security and hygiene audit at the premises
  • Environmental compliance audit for the project
  • Property rights and legal status of the real estate involved in the project
  • Sanitation and land demarcation
  • Legal status of the property, and mortgage transfer, registration and release.


  • Hotel operation license
  • Tourist transportation license
  • Car rental license
  • Adventure transportation/Safari license
  • Sanitary license
  • No objection to use of land
  • No objection from firestation
  • Construction license as well as all other licenses required for each project

Tax exemptions

We have the experience for your tourism projects! We have advised over 100 tourism projects within the framework of the Law 158-01 on Tourism Development and its modifications. This experience enables us to create effective short and long term schemes for our clients to maximize the tax benefits provided by this Law.

We provide:

  • Project pre-feasability
  • General strategy
  • Advice on the application of Law 158-01 and its modifications
  • Advice on the creation of a tax scheme that allows our clients to enjoy the tax exemptions for all projects applicable under the Law. Classified by CONFOTUR.


  • Assistance on the approval of project import list by CONFOTUR
  • Requests for provisional and permanent classification
  • Requests for no objection to property transfer
  • Requests and consultations on applicable tax exemptions
  • Approval of tax exemption list (import) by the Ministry of Finance
  • Change to special tax regime

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