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Entradas de Quiroz Santroni

Official regulatory framework for hydrocarbon exploration and production

Last March the Department of Energy and Mines informed that, after 60 years, the Dominican Republic adopted an official regulatory framework for the exploration and production of hydrocarbons which will allow to attract investment and to develop local industries.

The Department of Energy and Mines revealed that such regulations were published in the official journal dated March 7th 2016 as part of Executive Order 83-16. These regulations are essential for the organized exploitation of the country´s hydrocarbon potential. (more…)

International comparative legal guide for project finance

Once again law firm Quiroz Santroni is part of the 4th edition of the International Comparative Legal Guide to Lending & Secured Finance 2016, a publication of the International Comparative Legal Guide (ICLG), a London-based series which distributes specialization guides in 39 areas of legal practice.

The ICLG series provide knowledge and practical insights of lawyers from each country regarding different legal frameworks, in this edition, about loans and financing with real guarantees. (more…)

The importance of oceans in climate change

We cannot underestimate the importance of oceans in the world and, least of all, think that because of its abundant surface on Earth we will have enough so as to keep abusing them. Knowing full well that they supply 50% of oxygen, food and means of life of millions of people, oceans have become the most important spaces and habitats due to global thermal and atmospheric regulation, being, at the same time, significant tools to fight the effects of climate change. To sum up, oceans are a fundamental ally against the development of climate change and we must do everything possible to protect them. (more…)

Public hearing of environmental standards of air quality

A standard for pollutants emissions control from fixed and mobile sources

In recent days the public hearing of the environmental standards of air quality was conducted, a session in which the players involved were the Ministry of Energy and Mines, Ministry of Public Works and Communications, the Dominican Institute for Quality –INDOCAL–, the Dominican Petroleum Refinery, the Dominican Barrick Gold and monitoring companies of environmental quality.

This proposed standard would replace –if approved– the NA-AI-001-03 standard. Its aim is to establish the maximum concentration values ​​of air pollutants allowed in order to ensure human health and the environment. It simultaneously introduces the following Articles 4, 5, 5.1, 5.2, 6 and 6.1. (more…)

QUIROZ SANTRONI abogados consultores recognized as leading firm in environment and one of the leading corporate-commercial practice and tourism in Dominican Republic

It is great satisfaction for all the staff at QUIROZ SANTRONI, Abogados Consultores, to share with our customers, strategic partners and collaborators the recognition of our firm with the nomination as leading firm in environment, as well as one of the leading corporate-commercial and tourism in the Dominican Republic, according to rankings announced for 2016 by the prestigious British publisher Chambers & Partners, which took place last September 26th, at the annual meeting of the institution, held at Fontainebleau hotel, in Miami, United Estates.

In addition to stand out as legal firm in these areas, also our partners were recognized: both José Quiroz and Hipólito García were nominated as leaders in corporate-commercial practice, while Romina Santroni was nominated as a leader in the environment practice and as remarkable professional in Tourism and Real Estate, for its long and vast experience in the sector and in supervising projects within these industries.

Being surveyed by Chambers & Partners, some of our clients testified:

“What I really value, apart from the experience of the team, is the fact that you deal directly with the partners in all of your transactions”,

“The excellent Romina Santroni heads the department and is widely regarded as a highly specialised environmental lawyer”. Sources describe her as “energetic, knowledgeable, responsive, concise and business-oriented”,

“Jose Quiroz Abreu is a very hard worker who really listens to his clients and gives precise, smart answers”,

“The excellent Hipólito García Caminero head the firm’s banking and finance practice”,

“These lawyers are excellent and incredibly responsive. They provide a personalised service and are really dedicated to the clients”.

This recognition is the result of your confidence in our team and that is why we reaffirm the commitment and the desire to continue on the path of improvement and innovation, to meet and exceed the expectations.

Thank you very much to all our customers, partners and strategic allies for this great recognition you make us through Chambers & Partners.

TRUST, INCENTIVES AND FORMALIZATION Quiroz Santroni participates with Banreservas for the promotion of tourism in the northern area

QUIROZ SANTRONI Consultants Lawyers participated in conferences conducted by “Banco de Reservas”, and their respective Tourism Development Authority, on last September 3; which consisted of two lectures on legal and financial instruments for the development of the tourism industry in Puerto Plata and the northern area altogether. They were addressed to corporate customers of financial institutions as well as small and medium companies. (more…)

Pope Francis’ encyclical on climate change

The Pope calls upon urgent actions to preserve and optimize both the environment in which we live in and the quality of human life In the Laudato Si’ —Praise Be To You— Encyclical, the Pope condemns the weakness of reaction of international political stakeholders and the economic interests involved in tackling the defense of the environment, and calls for a “courageous cultural revolution” to save our ecosystem. (more…)