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Formalizing Business in Dominican Republic

Since 2008, the Dominican Republic has an adequate legal framework which regulates the life of commercial companies and sole proprietorships with limited liability; however, in 2012, the Chamber of Commerce and Production of Santo Domingo, meeting its commitments before the Inter-American Development Bank – IDB, led a field study in order to verify the status of business informality in Santo Domingo, which provided alarming information and results, reflecting a reality that required the State’s immediate intervention. (more…)

TRUST, INCENTIVES AND FORMALIZATION Quiroz Santroni participates with Banreservas for the promotion of tourism in the northern area

QUIROZ SANTRONI Consultants Lawyers participated in conferences conducted by “Banco de Reservas”, and their respective Tourism Development Authority, on last September 3; which consisted of two lectures on legal and financial instruments for the development of the tourism industry in Puerto Plata and the northern area altogether. They were addressed to corporate customers of financial institutions as well as small and medium companies. (more…)