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What types of environmental insurance are available in the market, and how big a role does environmental risks insurance play in the Dominican Republic?

Although the Environmental General Law instructs the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources, together with the Ministry of Economy, to issue the necessary provisions to establish mandatory civil liability insurance to cover damages to the environment and natural resources accidentally caused, environmental risk insurance is yet to be developed in the Dominican Republic. In addition, the Insurance General Law No. 146-02 does not specifically provide for environmental risk insurance.

Nevertheless, the Environmental General Law sets forth the obligation to obtain a compliance bond for all companies or persons responsible for activities which require an environmental permit or licence. The purpose of this bond is to assure compliance with the provisions of the environmental authorisation and ensure execution of the environmental management plan approved by the environmental authorities for the operation. The amount of the bond is 10% of total cost of the physical works or investments required to fulfil the environmental management plan.

Regardless of existing legislation, insurance companies have not yet created, under the heading of “environmental risk insurance”, all the contingencies related to the impact on the environment. It is possible to obtain a variety of insurance policies that provide companies with a partial solution to the requirement, among them: (i) Social Liability Insurance; and (ii) Social Liability Insurance for Industrial Risks. In particular, the terms and conditions of the latter must be agreed upon with the insurer for each specific case.

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What is the Basis of Environmental Policy in the Dominican Republic and Which Agencies/Bodies Administer and Enforce Environmental Law?

The first environmental regulations in the Dominican Republic were enforced at the beginning of the twentieth century as a result of indiscriminate felling of trees. The first municipal ordinance was enacted in 1901 prohibiting both felling and streams pollution. Later, in 1927 the first protected area in the country was created which was called Vedado del Yaque [Yaque’s Preserve]. This deed constituted a landmark in the history of environmental legislative evolution in the Dominican Republic. These initiatives became the first steps to organize the environmental management system and would result on the basis of unified environmental legislation soon to come. All in all, environmental legislation in the Dominican Republic has been enacted through the years in a dispersed manner until promulgation in 2000 of the Environmental and Natural Resources General Law No. 64-00, which has become one of the most up-to-date legal instruments of its kind in Latin America. (more…)

What Enforcement Powers Does the Ministry of Environment Have in Connection with the Violation of Permits?

According to the Dominican environmental legislation, the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources may enforce several penalties through administrative action in the event of non-compliance of the provisions of an environmental authorization, without detriment of the civil and/or criminal liabilities that non-compliance may imply. (more…)