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TRUST, INCENTIVES AND FORMALIZATION Quiroz Santroni participates with Banreservas for the promotion of tourism in the northern area

QUIROZ SANTRONI Consultants Lawyers participated in conferences conducted by “Banco de Reservas”, and their respective Tourism Development Authority, on last September 3; which consisted of two lectures on legal and financial instruments for the development of the tourism industry in Puerto Plata and the northern area altogether. They were addressed to corporate customers of financial institutions as well as small and medium companies. (more…)

Exemptions for tourism projects

A coherent legal framework for supply diversification

In terms of public policy for the tourism sector, Dominican Republic has been consistent with its growth objectives since the 1970s. The virtues of the country for visitors’ enjoyment have been exploited to benefit a sustained and steady growth that led to creating more rooms and better hotels and tourist infrastructures. However, in the last 15 years, since the creation of the Law 158-01 on Tourism Development, the country’s tourism has begun to diversify; adding to the concept ‘all-inclusive’, which became known to the country in the world, different tourist facilities such as golf courses, theme parks, aquariums, convention centers and real estate tourist facilities as villas and apartments, among others. (more…)