Quiroz Santroni Abogados Consultores is once again showcased on the 2015 edition of the International Comparative Legal Guide to Lending and Secured Finance, part of the International Comparative Legal Guide (ICLG) series from the London-based Global Legal Group, which produces specialized guides in 39 areas of legal practice.

The ICLG series provide both information and a practical vision of specialists in every country working on matters of different legal frameworks, in this case, those applicable to lending and secured finance.

Quiroz Santroni Abogados Consultores represents the Dominican Republic on chapter 31 of the guide, where our Founding Director Hipólito García, specialized in Banking and Financial Law, analyzes the legal framework applicable within the Dominican Republic. He also explores the most recent market trends in this matter and its jurisdiction, highlights some relevant transactions and provides key information regarding guarantees, syndicated lending, tax withholding, judicial enforcement and bankruptcy or insolvency proceedings, among others.

If you wish to read the aforementioned chapter in detail, featuring Quiroz Santroni’s position on each topic, visit http://www.iclg.co.uk/practice-areas/lending-and-secured-finance/lending-and-secured-finance-2015.

For more information regarding IGLG, visit http://www.iclg.co.uk/practice-areas/environment-and-climate-change-law/environment-and-climate-change-law-2015.