Tourism and Real Estate

As a major tourism destination in the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic receives a number of tourists equivalent to 65% of its population. It has seventy-five thousand hotel rooms, 30 golf courses, and twelve marinas; its development continues to forge ahead to enable it to receive the same number of tourists as the total existing population. QUIROZ SANTRONI has contributed to this growth process by expediting a wide variety of tourism projects. Advisement of over US$2 billion in investment in tourism and real estate projects. 3,000 hotel rooms approved and counting.

Tourism and Real Estate


  • Acquisition of land for tourism and real estate development
  • Tax exemptions (Law 158-01 CONFOTUR)
  • Due diligence processes
  • Licenses and Permits
  • Environmentla Authorizations
  • Use of Soil – Financing
  • Legal pre-feasibility of development
  • Demarcation/Boundary Definition, among others.

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