QUIROZ SANTRONI Consultants Lawyers participated in conferences conducted by “Banco de Reservas”, and their respective Tourism Development Authority, on last September 3; which consisted of two lectures on legal and financial instruments for the development of the tourism industry in Puerto Plata and the northern area altogether. They were addressed to corporate customers of financial institutions as well as small and medium companies.

IMG_8676These training activities were conducted in collaboration with the “Clúster Turístico del Destino Turístico de Puerto Plata – CTDTPP” (Puerto Plata’s Tourist Destination’s Tourism Cluster) and the province’s Chamber of Commerce, to promote the support for tourism.

The main objective of the various presentations was to promote formalization, one of the key steps to progress in any company, which also guarantees them greater opportunities to access credit.

IMG_8683There, José Quiroz and Romina Santroni, managing partners of law firm Quiroz Santroni, gave presentations regarding Law 158-01, in which the topic of tax breaks for new and existing projects was discussed, and on the characteristics and requirements of Law 158-01 on tourism incentives. In turn, Hipólito García, who is also a managing partner of the law firm, addressed the aspect of Trust for tourism development.

This meeting served to educate participants on tax exemptions and features covered in this legislation, with the purpose of favoring tourism projects to stimulate reaching the goal of 10 million tourists, and enjoy all the benefits to invest in the sector.

In addition, by Quiroz Santroni, “Acceso al Crédito Pymes” (Access to SMEs Credit) took place, presented by Leika Pérez, associate of the firm, who explained the legal framework of commercial companies and sole proprietorships with limited liability, and the processes and mechanisms, to formalize this kind of business.

The activities held in the Hall of Fernando Cueto of the Chamber of Commerce of Puerto Plata, in collaboration with the cooperation of the Ministry of Tourism, with the participation of Janick Goris, CFO of Crisper Real Estate, who spoke to those present about the tax obligations of SMEs, and Ninoska Nin Abreu, SMEs manager of Banreservas, who spoke about the benefits of the loans given by an entity in that sector.